Data doesn't create sales. Intelligence does.

Insite Metrics® tracks visitor behavior on your website, and was first introduced to clients of Upright Communications in 2001 (5 years prior to Google Analytics®). To learn more about Internet marketing services from Upright Communications, please visit our parent site.

Insite Metrics is a highly intuitive, customer-focused Internet tool that delivers the valuable business intelligence you need to make your website a more effective component of your marketing and sales efforts. Using an easy-to-interpret web interface, you will:
  • Measure, analyze, and validate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and advertising campaigns.
  • Give your organization powerful sales tools to better utilize the Internet to drive new business.
  • Increase sales opportunities by ensuring that web visitors find what they need.
  • Capture specific contact information about your web visitors.
The program delivers real-time, actionable information directly to you in a clear and business-friendly format, focusing specifically on the responses to your sales and marketing efforts. Finally, you will have the information you need to calculate marketing ROI and measure incremental revenue growth.

Which of my marketing efforts drive visitors to my site? What are they doing when they get there?

Who are these visitors, and what are their names? How can my website turn them into customers?

Are my website visitors finding what they want, or are they getting frustrated and leaving too soon?

What else can be done to turn qualified prospects into life-long customers?

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