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We are not a software company. We are a marketing communications firm, and have been for over 20 years. Upright Communications developed Insite Metrics to respond to a simple client request made over the years ... "Prove it."

Back in the day, our clients wanted us to prove that print ads worked. So, we developed a tracking system that associated toll-free phone calls to the specific ads that generated them. We were able to give our clients the names, addresses, phone numbers and motivations of real prospects.

Then came the Internet. And everyone began bypassing telephones for websites. We went from knowing everything about our prospects to knowing nothing about our visitors. How did they hear about us? What are they looking for? How interested are they in what we're selling? Most of all, who are they?

Our clients needed answers. We regrouped and once again developed a leading technology in response to their demands to "prove it."

Insite Metrics answers these questions and more. It provides detailed information on the actions, identities, interests and sources of your website's visitors. More important, it gives you the insight you need to develop strategies that improve your website and maximize your ROI.

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