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Track Prospects from Your E-Mail Links

E-mail has become the most common method of business communication. We use it not only for normal day-to-day communication, but also for prospecting; sending e-mails to specific individuals or en masse, usually with a link to our website. We then sit back and hope someone contacts us. If not, we begin the arduous process of trying to call each and every prospect.

But with our Insite Metrics Sales module, you can now code individual e-mails, and then watch prospects move through your site. You'll know when each prospect visited, which pages each of them viewed, and how long each stayed.

For individual e-mails, you now have a true indicator of each prospect's level of interest before you make that follow-up call. For mass e-mails, you now have knowledge about each prospect's interests, allowing you to more effectively choose valid prospects. The guessing game is over.

Click here for a sample coded e-mail.
Click here for more information about our sales module.
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