How is Insite Metrics different than my web tracking software?
Insite Metrics picks up where your tracking software leaves off. Most tracking programs manipulate your log files to give you reams of data about clicks, visits and pages. Very little of it is genuinely useful. Insite Metrics ties web visits to the specific marketing initiatives that brought them. And it follows each qualified visitor from first page to final click. Now you can calculate an ROI for your marketing efforts, and determine if your website is actually fulfilling it's promise.

Do I need to load the Insite Metrics program on my hard drive?
No. Insite Metrics is completely web-based, which means you have immediate access to real-time information. We'll ask you to put one line of JavaScript code on each page of your site. The rest is automatic. No software to buy, no quarterly upgrades to purchase. Just logon with your unique username and password, and find out what's really happening on your website.

Does it matter where my website is hosted?
No. We do offer premium hosting services, but Insite Metrics doesn't require us to have access to your HTML files.

What marketing initiatives and ad campaigns can be tracked?
Just about anything that drives traffic to a website can be tracked by Insite Metrics. Click here for a partial list.

Which search engines are tracked by Insite Metrics?
Insite Metrics tracks the top 10 search engines which account for about 90% of the total search engine traffic in the United States. Click here for a complete list.

Does Insite Metrics work with my existing contact management database?
Yes. All contact information collected by Insite Metrics is emailed to you, and stored in our database. You can retrieve it in a format compatible with most contact databases, and upload it to your system. If needed, we can even connect our program directly to your legacy systems.

Do you have any more questions?

Click here for a no-obligation online demo.

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