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What else can you think of? Ask us, we'll find a way to track it.
Insite Metrics will track any online or offline marketing initiative you use to drive prospects and customers to your website, including these top search engines. Finally, you'll know which marketing efforts work, and which don't. Which bring you qualified prospects, and which don't. Which are worth a slice of your budget, and which aren't.

Insite Metrics associates the individual actions of prospects and customers on your website with the specific marketing initiatives that drove them there. You won't get this kind of intelligence from your web log files.

The bottom line? You now have at your fingertips an easy, affordable tool for calculating the ROI of all your marketing initiatives.

Insite Metrics Will
1. Tell you how many people came to your site from each marketing initiative
2. Tell you which visitors contacted you, downloaded information, asked for a quote, or bought a product
3.   Create a database of contact information you can use to drive sales

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