Not Sure if Your Marketing Really Works?
Finally, the Proof You Need is Just an Insite Away.

  Powerful Features
Insite Metrics includes robust features like these to help you reclaim control of your marketing.

  tracking search engines
tracking online and offline marketing
analysis of individual paths taken by visitors
real-time, online reporting
capture valuable contact information
90-day review of results
customer support by phone or e-mail

Customized Options
Let us custom-build an Insite Metrics program that utilizes one or more of these advanced options.

  custom analysis and recommendations
tracking individual e-mail recipients
tracking individual e-newsletter recipients
tracking online orders
personalization of web content by source
track 1-800 phone calls
seamless connection with CRM software

Insite Metrics delivers the business intelligence you need to make your website a valuable part of your marketing and sales efforts. This easy-to-implement, customer-focused internet tool enables you to:
  • Measure, analyze, and validate the effectiveness of all of your marketing and advertising.
  • Give your organization powerful sales tools to better utilize the Internet to drive new business.
  • Increase sales opportunities by ensuring that web visitors find what they need.
  • Capture specific contact information about your web visitors.
Get Marketing Insite
Want to know which marketing efforts work, and which don't? Which bring you qualified prospects, and which don't? Which efforts are worth a piece of your budget, and which aren't? Insite Metrics gives you these answers, allowing you to calculate the ROI of all your marketing initiatives.

Get Sales Insite
Insite Metrics incorporates an exclusive process that encourages prospects to freely hand over to you their most valuable asset — their identity. Better yet, this vital sales information is collected and stored, so you can easily manage your contacts and finally use the internet to drive new business.

Get Usability Insite
Insite Metrics tells you if your website's visitors are able to find what they need on your site, and how to fix it if they can't. You'll be able to create the paths of least resistance and highest reward. Insite Metrics ensures that everything is in its optimal place for measurable results.

Get More Insite
Insite Metrics lets you take advantage of powerful online marketing tactics by giving you critical intelligence about your e-mail and e-mail newsletter campaigns. We can even provide the follow-up consulting and internet development expertise as needed to help you fully leverage your new marketing abilities.

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