Which of my marketing initiatives are driving visitors to my site? What are these visitors doing when they get there?

You run marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website, and your server logs show steadily increasing numbers of visitors. But you can't point to an increase in sales to justify your expenses. That's a serious problem.

Insite Metrics has the interactive sales, marketing, and relationship management tools you need to get the answers to critical questions such as.

  • Which of my marketing initiatives are driving traffic to my website? Which aren't?
  • Which of my initiatives are bringing in "qualified" leads to my site?
  • What are these visitors doing once they hit my site? What are they looking for? Are they finding what they want?
  • If not, why not? Is my marketing message sending the wrong impression? Is my home page not compelling? Is the navigation not clear?
Insite Metrics allows you to justify the money you're spending on marketing and web development by quantifying and qualifying results you can measure and tie back to your efforts. Imagine never again having to say, "I know advertising and a strong online presence are critical for success, but I just can't prove that they work."

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