Who are these "visitors" to my website. What are their names? How can I use the Internet to turn them into customers?

Prospects used to have to call you and identify themselves to get information about your products and services. Then the Internet came along and you stopped hearing from them. They were now going to your website, getting the information they needed, and leaving without a trace.

Nothing you can do about that, right? Wrong.

Insite Metrics encourages website visitors to identify themselves. Our proven methods help initiate dialogue with qualified visitors. The contact information collected is then stored in a database that can be uploaded to your own contact management systems.

And with our Insite Metrics Sales module, you can turn these contacts into customers. IM Sales can create, distribute and track personalized invitations to your website via e-mail. You'll know exactly who visited, how long they stayed, and everything they did.

It's the perfect way to gauge genuine interest and focus limited time and resources on just the best prospects and customers.

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